USA prepare ground for flight ban in Syria

Despite Clinton’s defeat, her idea is still alive: The House of Representatives of the United States voted for a resolution two weeks ago, which could lead to the adoption of a general ban on flights across Syria and a tightening of sanctions against the Assad government. The MSM silent.

On 15 November, the House of Representatives approved the so-called „Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act“ (also H.R. 5732). Paragraph 303 of the resolution discusses the possible effectiveness of the establishment of „security zones“ or a flight ban on Syria. For example, the US and the coalition should soon examine the „operational and legal requirements for the establishment of a flight ban in Syria“.

In addition, H.R. 5732 to further tighten the sanctions against the Syrian government.

„It is part of the policy of the United States to take all diplomatic and compulsory economic measures to force the government of Bashar al-Assad to stop the large-scale slaughter of the Syrian people immediately and to actively promote the transition to a democratic government in Syria To live in peace and security with his neighbors“, the document says.

H.R 5732 is still to be approved by the Senate and signed by the outgoing President Barack Obama. Thus, a law of the „lame duck“ (so-called abolitionists in the USA) could be adopted.

Even if Donald Trump was to oppose this, „Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act“ could create legal requirements for a flight ban. This would in turn lead to a loss of the image of the upcoming US president – after all, it was his rival, the failed US presidential candidate of Democrats Hillary Clinton, who had campaigned for a flight ban on Syria.

Viele Experten weltweit hatten zuvor davor gewarnt, dass die Einrichtung einer Flugverbotszone zu einer Konfrontation mit Russland führen und die Lage in Syrien eskalieren lassen könnte.

Many experts around the world had previously warned that the establishment of a flight ban would lead to a confrontation with Russia and the situation in Syria escalated.

The US is still struggling to bring down Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad and have threatened him with military force in recent years. On September 17, the US-controlled military coalition in the Deir ez-Zor region bombed the Syrian government forces – allegedly by mistake – killing more than 60 soldiers.

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