Scripted Reality: An Political illusion

Scripted Reality is a television format that is part of the genre of reality TV, „where the documentation of real events is faked. The scenes are played by actors (usually Laiendarstellern) according to instructions (script). “

According to Wikipedia alone 33 programs on German television, which fall under this category. These include „pearls“ such as „Women’s Exchange“, „Berlin Tag & Nacht“ or „Köln 50667“. „Judge Barbara Salesch“ was 1999 the first Scripted Reality-Produktion (broadcast by SAT1), which was on German television to be seen. By means of dramaturgical productions, these productions should appear to be a documentary or a reportage that depicts real events.

Key features are here:

  • The documentary style as a dramaturgical means (pretense of authenticity),
  • That all acting persons act according to a script,
  • That the acting persons are mostly played by toasted Laiendarstellern,
  • That a certain inclination to voyeurism and vulgarity prevails and
  • That the fictitious stories often use existing prejudices.

In the US, this form of „cheap filling station filling“ is even older. It is therefore no wonder that more and more younger audiences are having problems recognizing the conscious obscurity of the fictional character of such a program and classifying the contents as „genuine“, „credible“ or „played“. According to a study with 1,000 spectators of the market research institute Ipsos or an analysis of the media research institute GöfaK, which was based on this study, the spectators are very glad to project the excerpts of a Scripted Reality program. To say that topics addressed in such programs are more easily perceived by the viewers than real and believable – even if it is about fictitious things like a school examiner (who does not exist in Germany).

The study comes to a remarkable conclusion:

The assessment of the action shown in a program as genuine (and not played), therefore, promotes the tendency to perceive and judge the world from the perspective of TV-teleality.

This sentence should be read twice in order to be able to assess its explosiveness precisely with regard to today’s policy. Does not this sentence also mean that what we see today’s representatives of TV shows in the news is not predestined for us to plant a desired image of reality in our minds – beyond real reality? Can it be that these scripted reality productions have paved the way for this technique to be as successful as it is in the perception of „false political reality“? How often do you hear the question in the alternative media, why people do not want to recognize what game is played with, why they can not (or want to) recognize that they are propagating and lying? Of course it is on the one hand that these people are mostly uninformed or only partially informed and do not look beyond the mainstreamtellerrand. But is not it also because they were so conditioned? Conditioned to react as they do? Also by means of formats such as these scripted reality broadcasts?

Looking back in retrospect at the US election campaign or even the daily political events, the characteristics of the scripted reality (see above) inevitably come to mind:

  • Preamble of authenticity? Seeing together with the ordinary citizen, after the election but again the promises not to be redeemed.
  • Acting for a script? Who does not feel that all politicians act the same way and do the same when they hold the political power in their hands?
  • Casting staff? See the current „Trumps Cabinet Formation“, or the fact that only those figures come up politically, which are called „Ja-Sager“ in the Volksmund.
  • Tending to voyeurism and vulgarity? Keyword Dark Germany, Pack or Deplorables.
  • Operate existing prejudices? I would almost speak of political day-to-day business.

Together with Public Relations (PR), selling false facts, the Scripted Reality is today’s political reality. We are forced by PR to buy not only some consumer goods, but also the „false political reality“ that is struck us. In combination with the Scripted Reality, this is one of the most effective indoctrination weapons of modernity. But as long as we do not break through the circle of deception and indoctrination, we will not be able to achieve any political change, and as long as the Machtelites will be able to control us, play against each other and abuse us.

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