Where is Julian Assange? The Destruction of WikiLeaks – a message in the blockchain

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Many wonder where Julian Assange is. Was he murdered?

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Currently there is a wave of rumors that Julian Assange is dead or abducted and the unveiling platform WikiLeaks has been taken over by intelligence services. With a strange bitcoin transaction, Wikileaks now denies these rumors – and thus demonstrates once again that cryptography can not prove identity, if these are themselves controversial. Phew. Actually, I just wanted to explain what it was with an enigmatic transaction from the Bitcoin address of WikiLeaks. Shortly afterwards, however, I am immersed in a whirlpool of conspiracy theories. You could say I was bouncing against the mother of all conspiracy theories.

Now I have no idea what is true and what is wrong, and I also think it would be presumptuous to tell you this. Let’s start with the part that has to be for us at the beginning and with which we have facts: at Bitcoin. One of the most fascinating features of Bitcoin is that all transactions are in a public database. This is not just good for privacy, but it serves a voyeuristic desire to speculate about the money of other people.

Traces on the blockchain

The address of Wikileaks on the block chain has long been known. Since mid-2011, Cypherpunk Julian Assange’s revelation platform has received more than 4,000 bitcoins at this address, presumably from donations. But in October and November this year WikiLeaks has received more than 60 Bitcoins , which, as we shall see, has probably to do with the US election campaign.

However, the WikiLeaks address has been sent for a long time. There is no outgoing transaction between May and November. On 18 November – remember the date – there are then 30 transactions. By this around 41 Bitcoins went to the address 13LBgLZ24X55mr8LqKddy9DusJtba17NCC .

Okay and? That would be so far still relatively banal. If not from that address a single, remarkable transaction would have been sent. This transaction transfers a few small bits of Bitcoin to the following five addresses:







Obviously follows WikiLeaks thus the oldest known method to messages in the block chain to leave: It makes so-called Vanity addresses that contain certain words. In this case: We’re fine 8CHAN post fake . Translated: We’re doing well, the 8chan post is fake.

What does WikiLeaks mean?

To put it all together, I have to make a little. We end up in the already announced conspiracy theory in which WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is murdered, poisoned, abducted or abducted, the organization WikiLeaks infiltrated, taken over or plundered and rob the secret services and elite children.

On reddit there are a whole Subred which is devoted to the topic. Unless otherwise indicated, I have my information therefore. The whole story is, of course, highly speculative, but around worlds more exciting than the barren, fanciful story that the mass media tell when asked for Julian Assange.

The chronicle of the conspiracy

According to a website the conspiracy begins in April 2016, the first of a number of deaths. As is so often the case, conspiracy theories are based on real, demonstrable events, spinning a crazy story around them. Since each narrative connects facts through ideas, it is difficult to see where conspiracy theory begins.

On April 16 John Jones, the lawyer of Wikileaks, jumped before a train and died. He had previously voluntarily in a psychiatric be hospitalized because he tended to „obsessive rumination“ ( „obsessive overthinking“). On May 11, passed away Michael Ratner, who had represented as a defender WikiLeaks (and other whistleblowers) from cancer . On July 10, Seth Rich was murdered in the back by shooting. The 27-year-old was suspected of having delivered delicate documents from the Democratic Nationa Comitees (DNC) to Wikileaks. The DNC was hacked in June; On July 22, WikiLeaks published 20,000 emails from the DNC that revealed corruption and forced the chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and other leading members to resign.

From this time, Wikileaks had taken an influence on the US election campaign and took sides against Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. Thus the organization had crossed a border, and Julian Assange should have known that this would have consequences. The fact that the US took up this position is now out of the question. However, opinions differ widely on the extent to which this intervention has been carried out. „Can not we just send a drone to this guy?“

The “ Chronology of Julian’s disappearance “ reported that on August 2, 2016 has prompted TV to murder Assange the strategist of the Democrats, Bob Beckel. There seems to be no doubt that Beckel said “ Kill the sonofabitch „. A little later in August there was a burglary attempt at Assange residence in the Embassy of Ecuador in London. The police appeared two hours later at the crime scene. Beginning in October 2016 came documents to light which showed that the assassination of Julian Assange had been discussed by the highest levels of the Democrats. It was reported that Hillary Clinton had already asked in 2010 whether one could not simply assassinate Assange by drone ( „Can not we just drone this guy?“). That Wikileaks this in the hot phase of the election campaign via twitter announced, may be interpreted as a renewed affront to the Democrats – or as leading defense.

The podesta mails

The relations between Clinton and Assange continued to deteriorate in October. On October 7, Wikileaks began publishing the mails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign leader John Podesta. These mails initially contained references to the manipulation of election surveys. In the end, they should lead to speculation about certain keywords ( „pizza“, for example), whether the election campaign manager had insights into possible childpornography rings at the highest level of politics.

At this point, however, we are already in the middle of the mud of conspiracy theory. The decisive day – the day on which the whole crisis grows – is the 15th of October. On this day Wikileaks published further mails from the Podesta-Leak. In these there were also indications that Hillary Clinton had received money from, among other Goldman Sachs. All in all, Democratic presidential candidates received $ 1.8 million for 8 speeches at major banks.

Clinton’s election campaign compared the Leaks with the Watergate scandal, which had led to the resignation of Richard Nixon. The German media have largely ignored it with disgust at Donald Trump, but after the Podestamails there was hardly any doubt that Hillary Clinton was bought from Wall Street.

After this publication, the pressure on Assange increased. Already in the late afternoon, Assange’s Internet connection was capped in the embassy. The Embassy of Ecuador confirmed a few days later to reduce the communications routes of Assange to the press of the USA, in order to prevent further interference of Wikileaks in the election campaign.

Hot autumn in London

According to unconfirmed messages, Wikileaks‘ DNS server was migrated in the night to 16 October. On October 16, US Secretary of State John Kerry landed in London. On the same day, Wikileaks announced a leak for information about Kerry via Twitter and tweeted the hash of the file to be leaked (as is usually the case). The information should still not be seen by the public.

The following day, WikiLeaks tweaked the news that the Internet had been intentionally capped by „an enemy on the state level“ and that an „adequate emergency plan“ had been activated. There were rumors that the Internet and telephone connections of 14 other members of Wikileaks were sabotaged and / or blocked.

On the same day, October 17, there were reports that a Swat police team was gathering in front of the Embassy of Ecuador. Wikileaks later posted a photo of „heavily armed police before the Embassy,“ while Fox News reported the day that Julian Assange was to be arrested. There were no further reports on the arrest of Assange.

At this point, the story makes a one-day break. Several people are trying to see Julian Assange, but are not allowed into the message. After that, the story slides completely into the madness.


On October 21, five tweets of Wikileaks attracted the attention of the online community. There were numerous spelling mistakes in these five tweets. In itself this was nothing special for Wikileaks. However, when the missing or misspelled letter composed , the message „HELP HIM“ came out.

The charm of good conspiracy theories is that everything is connected with everything. On October 21, Wikileaks not only called for help, but two other events happened. Firstly, the London airport was evacuated due to a chemical threat (which served, according to the conspiracy theory to Assange secretly to fly out of the country), and the second occurred on that day to the largest DoS attack of all time . Half of the Internet things were abused that day to fire on the Dyn-powered DNS system, which left many large online platforms out of service or restricted in operation. The conspiracy theory says that this attack prevented the WikiLeaks contingency plan from running.

On the same day Mark Halperin of Politico Assange also tried to meet. But he was rejected at the gates of the embassy. In the days that followed, the rumors grew that something was wrong with Assange, while on the other hand, Wikileaks countered and announced to present soon a proof of Assange’s well-being.

The dead canary

On 6 November, Wikileaks publishes another push of the mails from Clinton’s electoral leader Popdesta. On the same day, a huge DdoS attack takes place, which for the first time in years succeeds in pushing the Wikileaks platform off the net. The attacks lasted for several days.

On November 10, two days after Trump became president, Wikileaks members are concerned about the fact that Assange has not yet spoken. One could have expected Assange to be pleased that the presidency of Clinton, who had been hated by him, was prevented. But he was silent.

The e-mail provider of Assange, riseup.net, continues with a puzzling tweet the conspiracy theories further: „Listen to the hummingbird, whose wings you can not see, listen to the hummingbird, do not listen to me.“ This is A line from a song by Leonard Cohen, the Canadian musician, who died on 7 November 2016. The recommendation to listen to the hummingbird might be a hint to keep the „Canary“ in mind.

A canary is a kind of warning system. The term comes from the practice in mines, a canary bird in a cage with them to lead when ma rises into a cleat. When gas escapes, the bird dies first, and man can save himself. On the Internet, a canary is often an ongoing all-clear, which allows an e-mail provider, for example, to warn users, even though they have been banned from doing so. Riseup, for example, had periodically reported the news that they were not in contact with authorities.

On 18 November Riseup should have updated his canary. This did not happen. „The destruction of WikiLeaks“ It goes however still further. The 18th of November is not over yet. The website beforeitsnews – who likes to report about conspiracy theories – publishes a summary of posts of an anonymous user on 4chan or 8chan (that is not quite clear). The story has the title, that Wikileaks was dead . „I’m one of the WikiLeaks members who got angry at the same time when Julian was cut off from the Internet. I got a national security letter and a silence regulation. My entire computer equipment was disarmed … Julian has disappeared, like most of the WikiLeaks people I’ve had contact with. The WikiLeaks members are not owned by the official Twitter account … the massive DoS attacks have prevented our emergency plan from becoming effective. “

The anonymous poster then reports about a global conspiracy of unheard-of proportions: „We have received hundreds of thousands of emails and documents from secret think tanks. We have evidence of the abuse of children in Haiti and the UK by the Clinton Foundation. Child abuse in EVERY country by the people at the top. We have evidence that the drug market is controlled by the intelligence services to finance dark projects … The destruction of WikiLeaks was the result of an unprecedented global approach. “ Of course, there is no proof that this message is authentic. It could also be the work of someone who likes to promote a conspiracy theory already under way. Wikileaks itself denies the authenticity of the posts by twitter:

In this sense, the conspiracy theory that WikiLeaks was adopted, would itself be an instrument to undermine the credibility of WikiLeaks so far that no one is entrusted with the revelation platform data. The conspiracy theory is itself a conspiracy, and every explanation has a double and triple ground …

And back to blockchain ….

After all this, the transaction on the blockchain is likely to make a bit more sense. Someone who has been proven to own the private keys of WikiLeaks Bitcoin has left the message in the blockchain that „everything is fine“ and that the posts are fake at 8chan. Does this prove something? Not really. If someone, as we say, has seized the computers of the WikiLeaks members, then he could have the key and write messages to the blockchain instead of Wikileaks.

We are almost at the beginning: we have a message signed by the identity, which is now in doubt. Possibility would be that WikiLeaks sent the transaction to say that everything is fine. But this would have been more effective, as Julian Assange had shown herself. A „proof of life“ from the WikiLeaks boss is still missing. Since the end of October, there is no demonstrable sign of life.

Possibly two would be that someone who owns the computers of WikiLeaks has sent this transaction to distract from a suspicion. And option three would be that we all overlook something and that the message in the blockchain itself has a double floor. Accordingly, at present finds a kind Schnipseljagd place on the block chain by Julian Assange. The reason for this is in addition to the enigmatic transaction a comment , the Assange already in 2014 did about Bitcoin:

„Bitcoin is an extremely important innovation, but not as most people think. Bitcoin’s real innovation is that it provides a globally verifiable proof that something has been published at a certain time. The whole system builds on this concept and many other systems can be built on it. The block chain nails history, it breaks Orwell’s dictum ‚who controls the present, controls the past, and who controls the past, controls the future‘. “

Because of this quotation, many people are currently certain that Assange must have left a message on the blockchain. She has not found anybody yet.

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