Mainstream Media Crashes and Burns, Alt-Media Platforms Ascend Wth Trump Victory

And it’s not just the paradigm-shattering election of Donald Trump

The heavens opened up wide on November 8 and are now raining a shower of grace and blessings on the United States of America.  God Almighty has shown great compassion and kindness to the American people.  Some might even say divine mercy.

Truly, the election of Donald J. Trump is the first vital step toward restoring the American Republic as designed by the prescient Founding Fathers.  Trump’s complete reversal of the Obamanation was absolutely necessary if this nation was to avoid a continuing collapse.

However, that is not the “HUGE” we are talking about here.

For perhaps the first time in modern history the alternative and independent media (Alt-Media) had a major influence on the outcome of a U.S. presidential election.  Some have even said that it was a decisive one. That without the Alt-Media operating at full tilt, Trump would not have won. How HUGE is that?!

Now here’s the real HUGEness of this evolving success story.

With the formal appointment of Stephen Bannon (Executive Chairman of BREITBART News) by Trump “as his chief White House strategist and senior counselor”,everything changes—-BIG TIME.

How so?

Because, for the first time in U.S. history a powerful alternative news platform will have the ear of a POTUS and serious access to the West Wing.

Not only is Bannon a very conscientious truth-seeker following in the footsteps of founder Andrew Breitbart, he is also a no-nonsense political warrior who will not suffer fools gladly.  His professional background clearly reflects an individual who has been around the block…many blocks … that he will now be required to consult on.  Here are some of his credentials:

Who is Stephen Bannon?

• Executive Chairman of Breitbart news, the most widely-read conservative news and opinion site in America.
• A graduate of Georgetown University and Harvard Business School, former US Navy officer and investment banker at Goldman Sachs
• Conservative documentary film-maker who produced films celebrating Reagan, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party
(Source: Trump election: Priebus and Bannon given key roles)

What does this extraordinary development really mean?

It means that the US of A is about to be treated to a dose of reality never experienced by the media-consuming public.

It also signals Trump’s intention to permit the brutal truths to be disseminated by his administration.  Many of those truths, by the way, are not only quite inconvenient to the current power structure behind the U.S. Federal Government, some are downright radioactive that will eventually go nuclear.

In other words the Fifth Estate will see a rapid ascendancy during the Trump Administration.  Not only does Trump have an unprecedented opportunity to download volumes of unredacted government documents — from all the previous administrations — into the public domain, he can grant special access to his preferred media outlets.  In so doing, Trump will deprive the mainstream media (MSM) of their previous monopoly to spin the facts anyway they were directed to by the intelligence services.  After all, every major MSM outlet is completely controlled by the CIA, DIA and NSA.

The Fifth Estate Casts Its Shadow Like a Massive Mothership


The bottom line here is that under a President Trump, the Fifth Estate will trump the Fourth Estate.  When Alex Jones of receives a call of gratitude from the president-elect, there can be no question about the future of media within the Beltway.

Alex Jones says Trump called to thank him for his support


Special Note:
The CCRG published a very prescient piece on the coming “Multi-Media MothershipInternet Platform” that will soon cast its shadow over the traditional MSM.  When the Mothership finally arrives, it will completely overshadow the Mainstream Media to the extent where most of the MSM outlets will go out of business.  This must occur sooner than later if the planetary civilization is to experience the overhaul it is in desperate need of.  Such a worldwide rejuvenation can only take place because, in effect: Whoever Controls The Media Controls The World.  Hence, it is now high time for the global village to receive its news and commentary from the town criers who have been only a voice in the wilderness over millennia.  This is why the appointment of BREITBART’s Steve Bannon will end up being the most important of the Trump transition team.


Whoever controls the national media, effectively controls the country.  Given the massive sea change in American politics that has precipitated from what is really a 12.0 Trumpquakethe U.S. citizenry can first expect to see a tsunami of truth wash over the land as the various institutions of the Fourth Estate succumb to the incomparable earthquake.

Even the once-venerated New York Times sees its demise on the horizon, or else it would have never deigned to publish such an utterly humiliating mea culpa. (The NYT Publicly Promises To Start “Reporting Honestly”)  Likewise, there are a plethora of other traditional dailies in conservative regions of the USA which made the regrettable mistake of both endorsing Mrs. Clinton and trashing Mr. Trump.  Each of them is now issuing their compulsory apologies to their right-of-center readerships… before their advertising revenues and subscriptions collapse.

What makes the coming Trumpocalypse even more unsettling for the MSM, is that they have already been deeply averse to printing the truth for decades…even though their bottom lines are being increasingly gutted by the year.  Make no mistake about it: the very cozy and incestuous relationship that exists within Government-Corporate-Media Complex is about to experience a full-blown Trumpageddon.

State of the Nation

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