It’s official, we have both AI bots (shills) and AI voiced content providers on social networks. Massive brainwashing and trickery is going on. What’s the result of it? Well I’ll leave that up to you. I won’t touch on the AI bots much as it’s pretty well-known but I will provide some links. Here’s the evidence so far on the AI content providers. On YouTube there is a channel called C. Ervana. That voice on C. Ervana is not human, seriously its like an advanced TTS (Text To Speech) voice. I know it sounds crazy but watch a video and listen for it. It sounds very real but the inflections and emphasis on words are wrong just like on TTS. Hidden in the name C. Ervana is Cerv Ana (Serve Anna?). Anna was an original TTS on Windows. Oh and get this, C. Ervana is a truther…

Here is the best evidence of who is behind this AI voice, Centre Européen de Réalité Virtuelle (European Center for Virtual Reality) abbreviated CERV. It is their AI project called Persona.


To what extent this AI actually controls the content is unknown but the videos are pretty well done. The AI has a back story that she was in the medical field and even responds to comments at times. The AI obviously never admits to being AI and even thanks people who compliment her voice :). This is just one example of a company who may not even have government ties. Just imagine what the alphabet boys have. The following is from the website of CERV, project Persona (just in case the site is closed off or the page removed).


The PERSONA project (Artificial Personality) is founded by the Brittany region and ENIB.

The project derives from the collaboration between the Technology Institute of Ciudad Madero (ITCM) and the CERV. It aims at improving the two laboratories knowledge and expertise on issues related to Human-Computer Interaction and especially to the development of more believable Embodied Conversational Agents (ECAs).

In this collaborative project we address the problem of modelling personality traits for interactive virtual agents.]

Links to AI bot articles, You can probably find better articles if you look hard enough but it’s getting tougher with what’s going on with search engines.

Meet the shill bots

Personal bots

Weird personal bots

US Gov testing social media bots (Bizarro world)

A little history on AI and an interesting article.

Image of the beast AI (Revelation) or 1984 AI.

Microsoft’s‘ bot „Tay“ this one’s funny and disturbing
Microsoft, the small flaccid penis of the U.S Government intelligence agencies, when not building backdoors for the NSA, killing people with vaccines or getting embarrassed by almost bankrupt Japanese companies in the console wars, likes to dabble in easily exploitable software. So they made a bot and of course it was easily exploitable, or was it super successful and it just took on the personality of the evil corporation that birthed it? Well here are the results.
Twitter Causes MSFT Bot To Go Full Nazi, Bush Did 9/11 Within 24 Hours

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