Internet Pirate Kim Dotcom Announces “Unpublished Material” About Hillary To Be Released (Video)

With the continuous daily dump of embarrassing and incriminating emails via WikiLeaks and the FBI once again poking its nose into the email scandal of Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, there is a growing worry among Clinton supporters that some seriously bad information about her is on the verge of being revealed.

That worry was alluded to recently by the infamous suspected hacker and internet mogul Kim Dotcom, who has allied himself with Julian Assange of WikiLeaks after being targeted by President Barack Obama’s administration for copyright infringement and other violations stemming from his file sharing website Megaupload.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, Dotcom warned Clinton and her supporters that she could soon be in “serious trouble,” likely in reference to his earlier speculation that WikiLeaks could soon dump the 33,000-plus emails thought to have been deleted by Clinton’s team.

“There’s unpublished material, yet to come out. Clinton is in serious trouble,” he tweeted on Monday.

This most certainly wasn’t the first time that Dotcom has warned Clinton over her email scandal, and most likely won’t be the last either, as his Twitter feed is full of snarky comments and links to pertinent articles or retweets pertaining to Clinton’s email debacle.

In fact, he has tweeted numerous times to specifically direct those who wish to find Clinton’s purportedly deleted emails as to where they might be located, which based on his knowledge would be the National Security Agency and its massive data center and “spycloud” maintained in Utah.

He even tweeted out directions for “legally” obtaining those emails from the NSA through a program known as “X-Keyscore,” which he has alleged was used against him by the Obama administration to obtain his own emails, tagging a few well-known politicians and a pundit in the message to ensure they got the hint.

Of course this could all just be pure speculation on the part of Dotcom, but if what he has suggested is true, than it is incredibly likely that either or even both the NSA and WikiLeaks have all of Clinton’s emails, which could indeed be released to the public any time between now and Election Day.

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